Customer Comments

Below are a few of some real comments we have received from customers over the past month.


Working with Wendy was a pleasure. She is thorough and efficient.


I was very pleased with your service.


Bob did an excellent job from the home inspection to receiving the power chair. Very Satisfied!


You all are doing a great job. I am so pleased with you all.


This was a very pleasant experience.


You are very fortunate to have such a dedicated, knowledgeable and helpful employee as Renee.


Everybody has been very nice. I appreciate their patience.


Outstanding service - best I ever had concerning my shoes. Sorry I didn't know last year.


I really appreciate the patience of the staff and their willingness to accommodate my schedule.


Dennis was very patient and explained everything in detail.


Bob made sure we undersand everything about the scooter. We have NO complaints only many thanks for great service.


I'll be happy to recommend your services to friends with homecare needs.


In-store service was GREAT! Purchased 3 bra's and 2 pair of support hose.


Don't have any suggestions as your people were great. I would have to give them an A1-10. There were very professional indeed.


Overall, I was impressed with the timely service and knowledgable staff.


Chi-Chesters Homecare met many of my mother's needs when she was living & I have alot of faith in them in meeting my own needs now.


Thank you for taking Georgia State Insurance (United Healthcare)!


Your service was excellent. We would definitely recommend you to others.


I've always enjoyed the best of care and service at your stores. You have a great and caring people in your employ. Thanks for asking my opinion!


Staff was very professional and gave clear instructions.