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  • How do I charge the battery? Each power chair has a cord for recharging. Simply plug your power chair into a regular 3-prong electrical socket at night, and it will be ready to go in the morning. It is recommended that the power chair be turned off before charging.
  • How do I get service after I've place my order? Please call us at (478) 743-4557 and one of our customer service representatives will help you.
  • What is the difference between a power chair and a scooter? A power chair is an excellent choice for indoor use. It fits almost anywhere and turns on a dime. The scooter has a handlebar design; and, while it is slightly larger than a power chair, it is perfect for use outside the home. Your doctor will determine if a power chair or scooter is best for you.
  • Is it easy to disassemble and transport a power chair? We offer several types of powerchairs that range from transportable chairs with each piece weighing no more than 30 pounds to powerchairs that are not foldable or require a van or pickup truck to transport. Ask your mobility consultant what powerchair fits your transportation needs. Call us at (478) 743-4557 for additional information.
  • What is required of my doctor? If you are eligible for reimbursement through Medicare or other insurance, your doctor must determine that you have a medical need for power mobility equipment, and complete paperwork. Chichester's will be glad to file a claim on your behalf, but keep in mind that Medicare only rents power chairs and the paper work process can be lengthy. We no longer take assignment with Medicare for Power Mobility Devices.
  • How can I get a lift or ramp? And will Medicare pay for it? We offer a wide selection of lifts and ramps. Medicare does not pay for either of these items.
  • Where is Chi-Chester's Homecare located? We are conveniently located at 1042 Gray Highway, Macon, GA. Click here for driving directions.